Animal Incinerator for Poultry Production

animal incineratorIs animal incinerator our poultry incinerator, a piece of common equipment widely utilized in poultry production?

In Malaysia, 50% of poultry farming takes place on medium to large scale commercial farms by proper setup companies. The other 50% is raised in back yards of small farmers who keep a few dozen chickens, geese, ducks or turkeys. This is a source of income for these small farmers.

In 2018, the poultry consumption per capita in Malaysia was approximately 46.7 kilograms. It is expected to amount to around 47.95 kilograms per person annually.

The poultry consumption in Malaysia is growing with rising populations, incomes, and the introduction of new food recipes using various poultry. Therefore, Malaysian poultry production is expected to expand on healthy growth annually.

Adopting modern technologies in production, such as automated feeding systems and temperature-controlled broiler houses, has allowed poultry production in Malaysia to continuously increase.

Poultry Waste

animal-incineratorWhat is poultry waste?

Why is it important to properly dispose of it?

With the increase in poultry products throughout Malaysia, the waste produced from the farms will be significantly high. It is important that you dispose of poultry waste quickly and efficiently.

Tackling the problem of waste will help to reduce the risk of disease and infection amongst the poultry. This would help to avoid the slowing down of production as all of your stock will be healthy and of a high standard. If your stock is healthy, this would improve product quality and your reputation as a business.

Types of poultry waste you will find on a poultry farm include:

  • Dead birds (fallen stock)
  • Poultry manure
  • Dressing waste
  • Poultry litter

Before you choose to incinerate your poultry litter, think of ways that you could recycle it and use it for other things. There are a number of different ways to make use of your poultry litter that could help you to save on costs for things such as animal feed.

Incineration is the best method of disposal for controlling bio-security. Incineration can help you control and prevent diseases from infecting your stock. Our bird flu incinerators can help to control diseases such as:

  • Avian Bird Flu (Avian Influenza)
  • Newcastle Disease
  • A(H1N1) and A(H3N2) strains
  • LPAI & PAI strains

We can offer a wide range of animal incinerator to help you dispose of your poultry waste.