Using ozone to eliminate bar odor

bar-odorRHINO bar ozone generator is an excellent equipment to eliminate bar odor, and odor from similar places like pub, disco, snooker center, pool hall, darting center, casino. Ozone also kills micro-organisms and air borne germs which love these cooling environment.

Smells developed in bars from cigarette smoke, body odor, food and beverages, moisture, and sometimes even odors from the streets.

Bar odor removing job is a daily headache for most cleaners, because the smells could be attached to the carpet, flooring, curtain, furniture, and even to the structural, wall and ceiling. Stains from food and beverages could attract micro-organism forming even after cleaning.

RHINO hotel ozone generator eliminate hotel room odor through ozone. Spraying a room with artificial fragrance would not solve cigarette smoke odor because the smell had penetrated into the fabric, furniture, and wall surfaces.

Hygienic bars

pub-odorMany bars in the world is now offering open air concept, because smells from indoor section do not bring out a refreshing feeling.

To assure this, these bars need at least several hours of ozone every day after it is closed for the night.

The ozone fill up the entire bar, including the wall surfaces, fabric, furniture, and to the surfaces which is not reachable by manual cleaning.

The fan or room air condition needs to be set on fan mode to help in circulating the ozone within the unit and its air duct.

These bars need at least another 15 minutes for the ozone to clear off before vacant for the next day. This could be done with a preset timer. Your customers will enjoy a fresh and natural smell bar with satisfaction.

What does ozone do?

Ozone is commonly use in:

  • Remove odor of indoor air
  • Sterilization
  • Eliminate air borne germs
  • Safely clean furniture and decoration (using ozone water)

Application areas

  • Bar
  • Pub
  • Casino
  • Disco
  • Darting, Pool, Snooker

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