diesel-cost-savingAre you achieving the Diesel cost saving last year as estimated?

This is the biggest question post by any Management when the Diesel cost is one of the main expenses in the operating expenditure (OPEX) of a company, such as logistics and passenger transportation.

If you are in the business of using trucks, buses, ferries, vans, 4×4 pickup, taxi, inconsistent Diesel cost could be your biggest headache.

Imagine, for example:

  • Current Diesel Price per Litre = $0.60
  • Company Diesel Consumption per Month = 100,000 Litre
  • Company Diesel Cost per Month = $60,000

Would your Management be happy to save $9,600 per month?

Or… the minimum saving of $115,200 per year?

And, that’s only on Diesel saving (on a very minimum guaranteed calculation). You can also be assured to save on the cost of engine maintenance in the long run.

Last but not least, the reduction of Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Sulfur Dioxide would help you in achieving specified legal limits as required by your government.

I hope you are taking an initiative to explore this further with us. I appreciate your help and time to protect our economy and environment.