Dust collector Malaysia

dust collector malaysia Dust fallout while transferring dry, granular goods is always an industrial material handling challenge for a normal dust collector Malaysia.

As a proven substitute, a DSH dust suppression hopper from New Zealand could be a cost saving and effective solution. It works well for transferal of fertilizer, gravel, sand, stock food, wheat, and many other dry and granular goods.

Therefore, its a must-have for global bulk loading material handling industries.

Why choose a DSH dust suppression system over other dust collection system?

dust collection systemHere is 8 reasons for you to select DSH dust suppression system as an alternative dust collection system:

  1. Easy to install with minor interruption to production.
  2. Minimal reconfiguration required for installation.
  3. Exceptional support and customer service.
  4. Award winning.
  5. Patented product.
  6. Standard model has no internal moving parts.
  7. Variety of sizes available to suit customers unique requirements.
  8. Supported by an innovative and progressive distribution network.

What is the savings and benefits of DSH dust suppression hopper as a dust control system?

dust controlHonestly, having a dust control system such as DSH dust suppression hopper can give you a much longer list than what we listed here:

  1. Standard model uses no utilities and has no internal moving parts.
  2. Reduce maintenance and cleaning costs.
  3. Dust contained = Reduce dust disposal costs.
  4. Relocate or turn off dust extraction.
  5. Reduce loss of fugitive fines (see savings formula).
  6. Reduce storage expenses + Increase capacity + Less air = More product.
  7. Faster cleaner truck, ship and rail car loading = Continuous loading per vehicle.
  8. Reduce product shrinkage = Sell more product.
  9. Load stockpiles cleanly + Better angle of repose = Greater storage ability.
  10. Improve your employee health and safety.
  11. Ease regulatory body concerns.
  12. Dust explosion risk mitigation.
  13. Care for your environmental community = Enables operation closer to urban areas.
  14. Improve air quality.
  15. Improve visibility while loading.

How does DSH suppression hopper works?

dust suppression systemFirst of all, the DSH system is installed under a feed point where it can be suspended above the target and kept at operating level.

Most noteworthy, a small degree of natural agitation as the hopper is filled helps exclude air from the material being transferred.

Therefore, at the point of loading, or transferal, the DSH system concentrates the discharge of dry goods as a solid column through free air into any target repository including truck, rail car, barge, stock pile, storage container or bag.

The standard models require no utilities and have no internal moving parts, while the top of the range PFC (Programmable Feed Control) system automatically configures the hopper for variable product weights.

DSH system is designed for dry, granular (or gritty), and free-running products

Due to international customer demand, DSH constantly researching and developing their system to enable the efficient transfer of a wider range of products. Hence, please review our current Dry Goods List, if your product is not on this list please contact us; we are happy to conduct a trial on your behalf.

DSH system is environmental friendly

Previously, trucks taking on a load literally disappeared in the dust cloud. Uncomplicated to install and easy to operate and maintain, the DSH system reduces hazards, health risks, dust and wastage.

By reducing product shrinkage:

  • you can sell more of your product;
  • calculate your many benefits;
  • ease OSHA, EPA and other regulationary organisation concerns.

Academic interest from international universities and consultants continues to expand upon the research and science behind this revolutionary system. (click to review academic support of the DSH system)

How to reduce dust in the air and increase savings?

how to reduce dust in the airThis could be the first time that you are able to estimate savings by knowing how to reduce dust in the air.

A DSH system contains fugitive fines so that you sell all of your product and reduce the risk of nutrient extraction. To calculate your potential financial savings, use the following formula and your loading figures and prices. (This formula uses conservative figures supplied by one of our clients.)

A 26-tonne-truck of load could contained 50 kg of fugitive fines:
10 trucks per day = 500 kg per day
500 kg @ $190/T = $95 per day
5 days = $475 per week
48 weeks per year = $22,800 per year

Contact us to ask for an interactive formula spreadsheet.