Less risk, more return with EPC and O&M

epcTogether with our associate partners, who are leading equipment supplier in the cement industry, we provide a unique 360° solution for the life-cycle of your plant, covering everything from initial raw material investigation and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), through to ongoing Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services.

Our combined EPC and O&M solutions are a unique offering managed by the most experienced engineers in the business alongside locally recruited staffs who are trained and integrated into our expert teams.

With years of specialist know-how at your disposal, we can guarantee a fully sustainable and efficient model that will grow your plant – and also profits – long after you take over the operation.

To find out how our combined EPC and O&M solution can give you the return without the risk, please throw us a challenge.


For process modifications:

  • Civil works engineering
  • Mechanical works
  • Steel structures
  • Associated electrical scopes
  • PLC

For process engineering:

  • Studies and calculations
  • Mill closed circuits
  • Alternative fuels
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Material handling
  • Storage silo

Our O&M

You contract us to operate and maintain your plant.

We will guarantee your output levels for an agreed price per ton. The fee is performance-based and let us take the responsibility for the plant performance.

We have no ambitions to become the plant owners. When the O&M contract expires, your plant will be returned in optimal working condition with competent and organized workforce, all required computer hardware and software and as well as tolls and equipment used for operating the plants.

We will share responsibility and risk. Our contribution and scope of responsibility is contained to be efficient running and professional upkeep of a facility. Andour responsibility is contained to risks within its control, i.e. the efficient running and professional upkeep of a facility.

The plant owner accounts for fundamental supply issues for example, power, water, fuel and raw materials. In addition, all capital investments in machinery and property are the responsibility of the plant owner. However, we help define specifications and make recommendations where and when necessary. By limiting our role to operational and maintenance support, we also ensure there is no conflict of interest between our customers and ourselves.