agriculture soil remediation

Fertilizer application in oil palm plantation is important to allow the association of organisms with soils, especially while plants are as yet youthful, can convey various major agronomic and ecological gains.

The high nutrient demand and high cost of chemical fertilizer (e.g. urea) for oil palm trees have encouraged growers to find less expensive alternative that facilitate greater nutrient use efficiency.

The recommended annual application of N-fertilizer is 4.2 kg nitrogen (ammonium sulphate) a palm per year.

High inorganic nitrogen fertilizer usage can contribute to health hazards and environmental pollution. As many agricultural chemicals are implicated in human toxicity and negative environmental impacts, the use of bio-fertilizer is becoming increasingly important and appealing to oil palm industry.

Sentinel in fertilizer application

Discover how CEMAX Sentinel Biocatalyst function as a proprietary super-catalytic that expedites the waste decomposition cycle in a short period of time. The soil will remain fresh and nutritious for the seed to grow into health plant.

Benefits of Sentinel

  • Function as bio-compost for meeting the nutrient needs of crops.
  • Liberate growth promoting substances and vitamins and help to maintain soil fertility.
  • Increase crop yield by 30-40%.
  • Cheaper and based on renewable energy sources.
  • Improve soil physical, chemical, biological properties, tilth and soil health in general.
  • Supply various macro- and micro-nutrients, and provide organic matter in significant quantity and beneficial micro-organisms to the soil.

Bacteria introduced to oil palm seedlings could help reduce the harmful greenhouse gases emitted by the plant and improve its carbon sequestration properties. Microbes in the soil play a critical role in the breakdown of nitrogen from the fertilizers used to grow the plant.

The problem is that after clearing the forest, there is a large decline in soil microbial activity so the nitrogen accumulates and is released into the atmosphere as nitrous oxide.

Sentinel functioning to boost the agriculture soil remediation and helping the oil palm plantation to produce more.

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