Vertical Roller Mill and Roller Press Hardfacing

vertical roller millJungwon Korea designs vertical roller mill in conical shape. And also according to Polysius designed with donut surface configuration for both Raw Mill and Coal Mill application.

Since the inception of build up hardface welding in the year of 1980, they have been developing not only a new welding method but also a novel hardface welding wire for Roller Tire and Table Liner of Vertical Roller Mill.

They have been keeping enough performance records by supplying their built up hardface welding Roller Tire and Table Liner to various application in all cement plant, coal fired power plant, and steel mill in Korea. Which later expanded to mills of Japan, USA, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and etc..

It is the result of more than 30 years in research and development in Jungwon’s laboratories reflecting intensive engineering analysis of Roller Tire and Table Liner utilizing field data collected from different types of Vertical Roller Mills.

As stringent environmental regulations regarding So2 emissions have been enacted in many countries, so it is very important to protect stacks against corrosion. They thereby developed Electro Clad Plate to satisfy industrial demand. This Electro Clad Plate might be solution of anti corrosion protection and economic feasibility.

Jungwon Malaysia also supply:

  • wear plateTable liner for Raw Mill and Coal Mill application.
  • Polycom roller and roller press for Ball Mill Pre-Grinder, in either brand new and re-building of old one.
  • Wear plate with different size and thickness. Hardness varies from 55 to 67 HRC and temperature application up to maximum 850 °C. Can be used for vertical mill body liner, classifier blade, cooler EP hot gas duct, liner for clinker crusher hammer casing, inlet chute of ball mill, liner of process fan casing and many more application in cement and mining.