Conveyor covers to reduce dust emission

conveyor coversStandard Industrie LIFTUBE® conveyor covers work to optimize the sealing and safety of all belt conveyors between the loading and unloading points.

This solution enables you to comply with environmental and safety standards while reducing your operating, maintenance and cleaning costs.

Main problems with traditional conveyor covers:

  • dust emission
  • harzard : pinch point
  • operating loss
  • overflowing of material
  • wear and tear of the belt, side skirts and rollers
  • mistracking of the belt
  • maintenance and cleaning

LIFTUBE® conveyor covers is your answer for problems of sealing and safety

The patented LIFTUBE® conveyor covers system enable the belt to run on a central horizontal tilting roller and to slide on the edges, which also tilt.

A removable hood can be adapted to the equipment to reduce belt conveyor dust emission. Only the size of the hood and the central horizontal roller depends on the width of the conveyor. The conveyor belt and rollers can be easily accessed thanks to innovative tilting legs.

Belt width : from 500 to 1400 mm
Belt speed : 0.05 to 5 m/s
Output : Up to 1500 tons/h
Particle size : up to 500 mm
Density : up to 4
Product temperature : up to300°C (570 °F)
Standard & evolutive modules
Suitable for both new or existing conveyors

Advantages of LIFTUBE® conveyor covers

  • ENVIRONMENT : Dust emissions reduction between the loading and off-loading points: compliance with current standards (ISO 14001)
  • QUALITY : Contamination free for your product/Longer service life of the belt
  • TOTAL SAFETY : Protection of pinch points in accordance with official norms
  • SAVINGS : No change in the existing structure/optimization of output/no loss of production
  • MAINTENANCE : Easy & quick access to the belt during maintenance operations
  • MODULAR : Standard, adaptable and evolutive elements on new or existing conveyors/Installation on all or part of the conveyor/Compatible with reversible belt

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