Objective of Maintenance Repair Overhaul

maintenance repair overhaulThe objective of maintenance repair overhaul (MRO) is to ensure you optimize the usefulness and profitability of your investment of assets.

Our services of MRO

  • Preventive maintenance service contract of Belt Cleaner, Pull Cord Switch, Air Blaster, etc..
  • Privatisation program.
  • Conveyor belt installation and vulcanization.
  • Planning, control and analysis of spare parts inventory.
  • Inspection, audit, analysis, report and recommendation.
  • Operation and maintenance training.
  • Supervision for installation, follow-up of installation and regular maintenance.
  • Refurbishment service for extending equipment life.
  • Shutdown assistance.

Our initiatives in MRO

  • Increase equipment availability and production output.
  • Reduce spare part costs due to timely order.
  • Reduce unplanned shutdown.
  • Build-up reputation.
  • Evaluation of existing or new equipment.

Our know-how in MRO

  • Preventive maintenance installation.
  • Maintenance costs and time planning.
  • Spare parts and new equipment selection or evaluation.
  • Reduction of spare part costs or stocks.
  • New installation.
  • Training for your maintenance staffs.
  • Translation service for many languages.
  • Sourcing for general spare parts.

Related equipment

  • Conveyor or crane safety switches (Pull Cord, Belt Sway, Heavy-duty Toggle Limit, Rotary Cam Limit, Zero Speed, Belt Loading Monitor, De-Interlocking, Vibration Monitor, Tilt, Belt Snap Detector)
  • Magnetic devices (Magnetic Separator, Metal Detector)
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Conveyor Belt Fastener
  • Belt Cleaner
  • Idler and Pulley
  • Belt Scale
  • Flow Measurement
  • Continuous and Point Level Measurement
  • Automatic Sampling
  • Online Moisture and Constituent Analyser
  • Conveyor System (Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor, Chain Conveyor)
  • Weigher (Weigh Feeder, Impact Weigher, Loss-In-Weight Feeder)
  • Feeder
  • Vibrating Screen