Air blaster

air-blasterAir blaster is a powerful and innovative solution to remove blockages and build-ups.

We offer preventive solutions to enable you to optimize productivity and help you to recover all of your storage capacity.

We have the right solution for all types of products: human and animal foodstuffs, alumina, clay, bricks, cereals, coal, lime, cement, clinker, wood chips, glass waste, fertilizer, grit, graphite, shot, slag, various ores, oxides, plaster, chemicals, volatile dust, foundry sand, silicate sand, salt, soda, talc, etc.

Typical build-ups issues that will lead to:

  • production shutdown
  • extraction flow reduction
  • storage capacity reduction
  • products contamination and fermentation
  • material loss
  • industrial process disruption

Compressed air blaster

Compressed air blaster is your answer for blockages and build-ups removal

  • acts directly on the product
  • compressed air (from 1 to 400 L) is instantly released through a suitable outlet port
  • this is equivalent to a blast

The largest range on the market:

  • 4 to 400 L tanks
  • 25 to 300 mm nominal outlet diameter
  • 4 versions : Standard / High temperature / ATEX (20) / food-grade stainless steel


  • COMPACT : Aerodynamics of the head / Balance between volume & exit diameter
  • SAFETY : No blast with air pressure drop
  • SAVINGS : Reduced air consumption / only 1 single pneumatic line / wireless system
  • QUALITY : Fully galvanized tank /cast iron head/ over 30 years lifetime
  • MAINTENANCE : Direct easy access to the mechanism
  • RELIABILITY : Protected quick exhaust valve /self-aligning piston
  • SILENCE : Low noise emissions

Related Services

  • Visits and technical recommendations (dimensioning and positioning)
  • Supply of the installation drawing
  • We offer complete installation of our equipment if needed
  • Up to 3-year warranty
  • In-house and external training
  • After-sales service & maintenance contract
  • Standards compliance