Feminine care panties for women with feminine odor and feminine itch

feminine care pantiesWomen with unpleasant feminine odor and feminine itch now may find a solution with Neucare Feminine Care Panties.

Feminine odor and feminine itch are frustrating and embarrassing to go through, especially it could happened again after treatment.

You might have the scenario of multiple visits to the washroom. This affects your work, social life and even most importantly your mental stress levels.

The urinary system is the body’s drainage system for removing waste and extra water. Feminine odor and feminine itch develop when part of the urinary system is infected by bacteria.

In some researches, women caught this bacteria from public washrooms. Especially wearing lace or non-cotton lingerie in Malaysia.

NEUCARE health panties Malaysia is the solution

NEUCARE health panties Malaysia is a scientifically engineered panties for women. It is developed with advanced Silver Bonding Technology, and tested to be effective in boosting hygiene by killing 99.99% germs.

This ingenious technology has proven effective in killing bacteria, virus, yeast and also mold, thus inhibiting diseases.

This technology is co-developed by our business partners in Malaysia, Sweden and Singapore.

Using this ground breaking technology, NEUCARE health panties for women is safe for your skin. It does not affect skin flora and is made of natural CMC4 cotton for maximum comfort.

Treated with antimicrobial solution based on natural silver salts, which provide benefits, it helps to prevent many women health concerns:

  • Reduce unpleasant odour and itchiness.
  • Help to prevent and reduce Leucorrhea.
  • Assist to prevent Bacterial Vaginosis.
  • Help reduce the risk of Cervical Cancer.

Silver Bonding Technology durability test

silver bonding technologyWe have done anti-microbial performance durability test on Silver Bonding Technology material after 50 consecutive washes.

The standard test we applied:

  • Fabric treated with silver Bonding Technology.
  • Mill treatment performed.
  • Tested Staph Aureus (Meticillin Resistent SA = MRSA).

And the result of reduction on treated fabric compared to initial shows:

  • Initial is more than 99%.
  • After 50 consecutive washes, its still more than 80%.

In conclusion, a durability test proves that even after 50 consecutive washes, Silver Bonding Technology material still remain over 80% of their effectiveness.

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