Ozone Water Purifier

water purifierWhat is ozone water purifier?

How does ozone water work?

Where should I apply one?

What technical information should I be looking at?

These are probably the best questions running in your mind right now.

Ozone has been labeled both a killer and healer by mainstream and alternative medicine. Find out more…

What is ozone water purifier?

Ozone water purifier has been used to purify water since year 1893 and is used in several large municipal water treatment facilities in the United States of America and Europe.

The first documented use of ozone in a municipal water system was in Nice, France in year 1906. And Nice still uses an updated version of this system up til today.

How does ozone water work?

The ozone water purifier system starts with an ozone generator chamber where a high intensity Ultraviolet (UV) light is used to break the bonds of oxygen molecules and create the unstable ozone molecule.

Once the ozone air enters the water, it oxidizes biological components including almost all bacteria and viruses. It also bonds with many dissolved minerals, causing them to precipitate to the bottom of standing water.

Ozone has been found to effectively remove 99% of biological pathogens including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. It also is effective at removing iron and manganese as well as freeing up chlorine to kill even more microbes if used in a multiple step system.

The ozone has a half-life of only a few minutes, so after it has purified the water, any remaining molecules break down into standard oxygen. This creates an environment that highly oxygenates the water.

Alternative medicine is a huge proponent of ozone water treatment and claims it can help in everything from growing plants to killing cancer. While none of these have any sanctioned scientific evidence to back them up, there are plenty of websites that contain anecdotal evidence that might be worth looking at.

Do you require an ozone water purifier at home?

water purifier in malaysiaSo here’s the real question, do you really need a home ozone water purifier?

An ozone water purifier would help you to provide your family with a clean and safe environment with its sterilization function.

Where can we apply the ozone water purifier in your house? It can help you in these application:

  • Kitchen for fresh food rinsing.
  • Baby laundry and accessories cleaning.
  • Laundry cleaning.
  • Personal hygiene (mouthwash, face cleaning).
  • Pet hygiene.
  • Flooring cleaning.

Features of RHINO RO-450W

  • Ozone output : 450 mg/hour.
  • Voltage : AC 110-220 V, 50/60 Hz.
  • Timer adjustment : 0 – 60 min.
  • Size : 220*220*65 mm.
  • Weight : 660 gm.
  • Certificate : CE, RoHS.


  • Unique and outstanding style.
  • One touch control and easy operation.
  • Professional design assuring ionic breeze and effective purification.
  • The light indicates current working status.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Long shelf-life.
  • Easy maintenance.