Plastic waste importation stoppage in Malaysia

plastic wasteThe Malaysian Housing and Local Government Ministry has revoked the approved permits (AP) for the importation of the HS code 3915 plastic waste for three months, effective 23 July 2018.

The action was taken following reports on the serious pollution caused by factories involved in processing plastic waste.

Factories with valid APs could continued with their operations of plastic waste management, in accordance with international environmental standards and guidelines.

Plastic waste management

The term “PLASTIC” includes materials composed of various elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine and sulphur. It is one of the few chemical materials which pose environmental problem.

Rapid population growth, urbanization and industrial growth have led to severe problem of waste generation. And, disposal of plastic waste from various sources is one of the most talk-about environmental issue.

Sub-standard plastic bags, films pose problem in collection and recycling. Non-recyclable plastic wastes poses disposal problem.

How to keep those plastic materials out of landfills?

Landfill is the conventional approach to waste management, but space for landfills is becoming scarce in Malaysia.

We have a marketplace which could connects companies that have plastic waste with companies that could use the materials productively – recycle matching.

We are very focused on materials that are considered waste – those that pretty much destined for a landfill. As we get further along, we also see the handling what we think of recyclable.

What is next?

Transparency is really interesting because it spurs innovation. Without that transparency around the materials that are available, we do not know where to focus our efforts. Now that we have a window into what materials are available, that may spark the idea.

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