grease trap cleaning service

Grease trap overflowing is a common problem in any hotels, restaurants or central kitchens worldwide. Waste management cleaning contractor fees, desludging costs, pipeline unclogging costs, are high but waste issue remained unsolved continuous.

Discover how CEMAX Sentinel Biocatalyst being a proven solution, help to provide a completely hassle free, economical and effective solution, and most importantly environmental friendly.

We also helped to eliminate most of the unpleasant odour including Ammonia (NH3), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), and many others bad smell. Indirectly, we helped to eliminate cockroaches, rats, and pests.

st regis hotel
7 years satisfaction in St Regis Hotel
jw marriote hotel
Grease trap improvement within 1 month in JW Marriote Hotel
Improvement of grease trap after 2 weeks in Pattaya Hotel.
Trial at Burger King outlet.

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