Ozone Generator Purifying Air and Water for a Healthier Living

Ozone generator is a home and professional electrical appliance with similar function to air purifier, but with sterilization effect.

It is available in four ranges that are,

(1) In-duct unit for central air system;

(2) Portable indoor unit;

(3) Personal home unit; and

(4) Mobile unit that is jack into vehicle cigarette lighter socket.

It is promoted as effective “air purifier” especially to people sensitive to indoor air pollutants.

There is a growing public awareness of the risks associated with poor indoor air quality. Air contaminants such as allergen, odor, smoke particle, volatile organic compound (VOC) and airborne pathogens can pose a risk to health such as respiratory ailments, and sick building syndrome.

What is ozone?

ozoneOzone is a molecule composed of three atoms of oxygen. The third oxygen atom from this molecule can get detached, and re-attach to molecules of other substances, and alter their chemical composition. This ability is claimed to be the basis of beneficial effects of ozone. Thus, many equipment are marketed to consumers for their ability to eliminate odors and microbial agents as well as to improve health.

Its produced by electrolysis process from flowing oxygen, and is proven to be one of the best and strongest natural disinfectant agents against bacteria and harmful germs. It is also an extremely strong oxidant which reverts back to oxygen after it has done its oxidizing job.

What does ozone do?

  • Clean and safe.
  • Sterilization.
  • Eliminate air borne germs.
  • Remove odour of indoor air.

Where does ozone work?

Ozone can effectively penetrate every part of a indoor area, including sites for which access is difficult using conventional liquids and manual cleaning procedures.

  • Children center (kindergarten) – to eliminate harmful germs.
  • Entertainment (bar, cinema, disco, karaoke, lounge, pub) – to eliminate odor (cigar, cigarette, liquor, sweat) and harmful germs.
  • Food & Beverages (cafe, central kitchen, fresh food market, restaurant) – to eliminate odor (cooked food, raw food) and harmful germs.
  • Factory production area – to eliminate odor, bacteria and harmful germs.
  • Fresh home market – to eliminate odor, bacteria and harmful germs.
  • Healthcare (clinic, hospital, nursing home, old folks home, pharmacy, welfare home) – to eliminate bacteria and harmful germs.
  • Hotel – to eliminate odor and harmful germs.
  • Pet shop – to eliminate odor, bacteria and harmful germs.
  • Public restroom – to eliminate odor, bacteria and harmful germs.

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