septic tank additives

Malaysia have excellent sewerage industry, however some areas are still using the traditional Individual Septic Tank and Communal Septic Tank, estimated to be around 1.85 million.

An Individual Septic Tank is located underground of the house, serve as wastewater collector from bathroom, kitchen, laundry and toilet. The tank has limited treatment capacity, where heavy particles settle underneath, forming sludge and clear water flow out to the drain.

The tank suggested to be emptied every two years to prevent hardening of sludge. Or else, the incoming wastewater would bypass and enter the drain, which lead to river pollution.

Water resources from rivers and underground could also be contaminated, and attracting water-borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera and Hepatitis A.

Have you heard of alternative desludging approach by applying Biocatalyst Microbes?

As a responsible owners of septic tanks, you should desludge your tanks regularly.

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