Cardox is safe and reusable system for silo cleaning

cardoxSILOMANN Cardox blasting system is safe and effective silo cleaning methods to clear blockage and hang-up from a storage silo.

In a brief, the system is built to break rock, concrete and other rock-hard material. However, the storage silo wall would not be damaged during the operation.

Furthermore, its cost-effective, thanks to the system which can be filled, fired, rebuilt, filled and fired again.

Cardox CO2 is designed for use in hazardous environment

Cardox was originally designed for use in coal mine, where volatile methane gas makes explosion a constant threat.

Acting on natural crack and weakness in the material, the system dislodges stuck material by instantaneously releasing liquid carbon dioxide at up to 34,000 PSI.

It creates power without the high velocity and explosion shock wave, while the operator monitors the job safely at a distance.

Cardox system is valued by diverse industies

Cardox system is widely used in feed mill and grain handling plant, where grain dust can be volatile and dangerous.

It is also safe and effective in preheater or precalciner system, feeder system, kiln, paper and pulp mill, waste handling site and storage system, among others.

In addition, it works where other tools cannot, such as high-temperature production area, and storage area of hazardous, flammable and combustible material.

In general, the SILOMANN Cardox works better with harder material.

How does SILOMANN Cardox work?

The heart of SILOMANN Cardox is the reusable and high-strength alloy steel tube, which holds a charge of liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) and a safety heater.

When the heater is remotely initiated by a small electrical charge, the CO2 reaches the shear pressure of the disc with up to 34,000 PSI.

High-pressure CO2 is instantly released through ports of the discharge head, creating a powerful force that dislodges tons of blockage in less than a second.

Once fired, the tube is rebuilt with a new safety heater, shear disc and sealing washer and recharged with CO2 for another use.

Remember, a cartridge cannot set off an explosion. Heat generated within the cartridge is automatically cooled by sudden expansion of CO2, and there is no flame.

SILOMANN Cardox is simple to use

Charging The Tube

  • A tube is charged with a critical amount of liquid CO2 for operation. This is easily done with a filling station, which uses a positive displacement air-driven pump to fill tube with exactly the right mount of CO2. No CO2 is wasted.

Placing The Tube

  • The tube must be inserted into the material that they will dislodge. In the area where problem could reoccur, its advised to install a permanent socket plate with plug, which provide quick and secure access. To use the socket again, just remove the plug, drill into the material, and secure the tube with a clamp.
  • The tube can also be placed directly in the material to be dislodged through a porthole in the storage silo. A threaded head and a heavy-duty bolt are used to secure retention and retrieval of the tube.
  • A shaft can also be added for easy placement in hard-to-reach areas.

Firing The Tube

  • Once the tube is secured, a charge is initiated with a remote controlled energizer. This safe mobile unit would allow operators to stay in a safe position at a distance while working.

Rebuilding The Tube

  • After firing and retrieval, tube is torn down, rebuilt and recharged. Its a safe, fast and easy process.

The advantages of cardox system in silo cleaning services

  • Non-explosive.
  • Safe in potentially explosive environment.
  • One blast moves tons of blocked material.
  • Use at operating temperature.
  • No damage to vessel.
  • Re-usable.
  • No vessel entry necessary.
  • No exposure to flying debris.
  • Regularly certified & tested for safety.