Industrial silo cleaning equipment for arching, bridging, funneling and ratholing

silo cleaning equipmentSILOMANN X-cutter is a industrial silo cleaning equipment, designed with the concept of “Less is More” – Less Downtime, More Productivity.

When dealing with dry bulk solid, product flow in the production line is critical. Buildup, ratholing, bridging and plugging could hurt the profit of a storage silo.

SILOMANN X-cutter is valuable because it eliminates hassle and reduces costs. It takes care of flow problem quickly, minimizes down time, and keeps employees safe. The return of investment are measurable and worth it.

High power silo cleaning methods for torque and control

SILOMANN X-cutter is a silo cleaning methods powered by hydraulic or pneumatic source, which means more power, better control and less expense.

The hydraulic or pneumatic cleaning head delivers tremendous power, but yet are safe. Its easy to control, and would not damage storage silo wall.

The cleaning head is customized for each storage silo. It contacts the product, crush it, loosen it and discharge it through the existing discharge system.

The amount of power used, working direction and working distance of the cleaning head are regulated from the silo top with a remote control panel. The powerful cleaning head is moved great distances inside the silo without having to look. All of this is part of the technology.

Confined space entry is only when its safe for human entry standard

SILOMANN X-cutter works from the top, which eliminates the need for dangerous confined space entry by the employees or contractors.

Moving around storage silo is easy

SILOMANN X-cutter breaks down into easily-handled pieces, so setting up and moving between storage silo is quick and easy. It works on storage silo of all sizes, from a small 4 ft x 4 ft ingredient bin to a 30 ft x 150 ft coal silo. It restores the storage silo to good capacity. If the material is currently usable, it can be reclaimed.

Silo cleaning services and technology

SILOMANN X-cutter is a unique tools used in silo cleaning services. Its developed to clean clogged storage silo without the danger of entering the silo itself.

It attaches easily to an opening at the top of a silo. And its extension arm extends into the silo to act as a guide for the main hose assembly and attached cleaning head.

The flexible whip, attached to the cleaning head, would creates a cutting action that will knock out the toughest hang-up without damaging silo wall.

Personnel never enter the silo, but can easily position the cleaning head inside the silo by rotating or moving the extension arm up or down. The result is a clean silo and reclaimed product.