Street Sweeper

sweeperThere is one street sweeper for every application.

Street sweepers are capable of collecting small particles of debris.

The goal of simple debris removal started when policy makers begun to reflect concern for water quality. As older street sweepers were only effective in removing large particles of road debris, small particles of debris remained behind in large quantities. The remaining debris was not seen as an aesthetic issue because rain would wash them away. Today, small particles are known to carry a substantial portion of the storm water pollutant load.

Street sweeping can be an effective measure in reducing pollutants in storm water runoff. The Environmental Protection Agency considers street sweeping best practice in protecting water quality.

Despite advancements in street sweeping technology, the mechanical broom type street sweeper accounts for approximately 90 percent of all street sweepers used globally today.

Manual Sweeper

sweeperManual Sweeper can be removed and installed by one button. It only needs to rotate the red knob gently.

Sweeper is eco friendly, when people use the manual sweeper, just push it and easily to clean leaves, rocks, cigarette butts, paper, nails, etc..

Selection of two high quality rubber belts, durable, not easy to break, good elastically, toughness, quality assurance, long-time use.

Sweeping machine is with wheels, easier to control the direction.

Single brush design, easy to clean, no dust left, high quality bristles, durable and wear resistant.

One button knob, easy to dismantle and install, convenient to operate.

Technical specification, Model PMR-12:

  • Operation type: Manual.
  • Trash bin: 12 / 14 / 33 L.
  • Working speed: 4 km/h.
  • Area swept: 2100 m2/h.
  • Sweeping width: 530 mm.
  • Dimension: 575 x 210 x 585 mm.
  • Net weight: 9.5 kg.
  • Gross weight: 10.5 kg.

Walk Behind Battery Sweeper

sweeperWalk Behind Battery Sweeper is suitable for operating in hall, waiting hall, hospital, factory, pavement, and etc.. Because there is no dust or noise when it is in operation.

This flexible sweeper with light and smart construction can walk easily among crowd. It is compact structure and ergonomically designed to ensure maximum operation comfort. The simple operative and maintenance system is easy for any worker to use.

The larger capacity of 80Ah battery for continued long working hours.

Sweeping width of 1000mm, efficiently clean ground.

Integrated with sweeping and vacuuming in one fully functional operation. Sprinkling function is optional.

High power Italian imported motor, effectively control dust.

Technical specification, Model PMR-P100A:

  • Sweeping path: 1000 mm.
  • Productivity: 4000 m2/h.
  • Main brush length: 400 mm.
  • Power type: 12 V.
  • Cleaning time: 4 hours.
  • Waste hopper capacity: 22 L.
  • Side brush diameter: 400 mm.
  • Operation power: 120+30+35*2 W.
  • Filter area: 1.5 m2.
  • Net weight: 65 kg.
  • Water tank capacity: 12 L.

Ride On Road Sweeper

sweeperRide On Road Sweeper mainly used for flat ground and well conditioned areas, with extensive utilization in ore yard, enterprise, large warehouse, high grade villa area, school, residential community, and other places which has a flat ground and fine environment.

It has impressive performance in environment protection and energy saving. Therefore its capable of boosting your company image significantly.

Deliberated designs with durable working life.

Stable performance with low maintenance requirement, efficient sweeping.

Vacuum cleaning system eliminates floating dust.

High performance efficient battery without harmful gas and liquid leaking, no maintenance required.

Wheeled dirt control technology features with low power consumption, powerful functionally and saves lots of peripheral components, with ease to upgrade.

Pre-lighting for night operations. And warning light for safer drive.

Technical specification, Model PMR-C200:

  • Sweeping path: 1300 mm.
  • Productivity: 7000 m2/h.
  • Max climbing capacity: 20%.
  • Main brush length: 700 mm.
  • Power type: 48 V.
  • Cleaning time: 4-6 hours.
  • Waste hopper capacity: 130 L.
  • Side brush diameter: 500 mm.
  • Driving power: 1200 W.
  • Operation power: 600+400+80*2+50 W.
  • Turning radius: 1000 mm.
  • Working speed: 6 km/h.
  • Driving speed: 8 km/h.
  • Filter area: 5 m2.
  • Net weight: 460 kg.
  • Dimension: 1600 x 1300 x 1400 mm.

Driving Road Sweeper

sweeperDriving Road Sweeper which combined functions of vacuum, sweeping and water spraying.

It is good to be used for outdoor cleaning such as park, sanitation, cleaning company, property management company, square/plaza and university.

Increase the chassis design, flat filter, built in powerful dust control systems, more powerful vacuum cleaner, sweeping width up to 1900mm.

The use of advanced high performance maintenance free battery, no leaking and no harmful gases.

Internationally advanced technology of cleaning and suction system, the theoretical utilization of dust bin is nearly 100%.

Reliable high quality components reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Technical specification, Model PMR-E8006:

  • Sweeping path: 1900 mm.
  • Productivity: 15000 m2/h.
  • Max climbing capacity: 25%.
  • Main brush length: 800 mm.
  • Power type: 48 V.
  • Cleaning time: 6-8 hours.
  • Water tank capacity: 50 L.
  • Waste hopper capacity: 180 L.
  • Side brush diameter: 500 mm.
  • Driving power: 2000 W.
  • Operation power: 700+400+100*4+50 W.
  • Turning radius: 1200 mm.
  • Working speed: 7 km/h.
  • Driving speed: 9.8 km/h.
  • Filter area: 5 m2.
  • Net weight: 780 kg.
  • Dimension: 2150 x 1900 x 2040 mm.

Enclosed Cabin Road Sweeper

sweeperEnclosed Cabin Road Sweeper comes with fully protected cabin.

It is suitable for using in extremely cold, harsh and bad environment.

It adopts battery pack as the driving power, better for long working time.

Using completely closed cabin to avoid the weather and noise interference. It is designed to provide a safe and comfortable operating environment.

Adopt advanced flat panel style filter, better for large area filter, more power for suction.

Drive system is placed on the top, increasing the volume of trash.

48V maintenance free lithium battery is optional.

Reliable high quality components reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Technical specification, Model PMR-E800LC:

  • Sweeping path: 1900 mm.
  • Productivity: 13000 m2/h.
  • Max climbing capacity: 25%.
  • Main brush length: 800 mm.
  • Power type: 48 V.
  • Cleaning time: 6-8 hours.
  • Water tank capacity: 100 L.
  • Waste hopper capacity: 180 L.
  • Side brush diameter: 500 mm.
  • Driving power: 1800 W.
  • Operation power: 800+700+80*4+50 W.
  • Turning radius: 1200 mm.
  • Working speed: 7 km/h.
  • Driving speed: 9.8 km/h.
  • Filter area: 8 m2.
  • Net weight: 900 kg.
  • Dimension: 2100 x 1900 x 2040 mm.

Electric Street Sweeper

sweeperElectric Street Sweeper is a professional equipment, tailored for the urban and city sanitation.

It is widely used in municipal sanitation, exhibition venue, industrial park, residential area, commercial walking street, parking lot, tourist attraction and other public places.

Its built with wide cleaning width, where stones, cans and other bulk debris can be easily sucked.

The driver seat is comfortable, and with the adjustable steering wheel.

The waste hopper has ultra large capacity of one cubic meter, and it is equipped with hydraulic dumping system which is very convenient for emptying the waste hopper.

The comfortable cabin is equipped with reverse image and electric power steering, and the configuration such as leather damping seats are adjustable. Air conditioner is also optional.

Equipped with large touchable color LCD display, the side brush, main brush and fan motor can be individually controlled.

Technical specification, Model PMR-S2000:

  • Sweeping path: 2000-2350 mm.
  • Productivity: 20000 m2/h.
  • Max climbing capacity: 25%.
  • Main brush length: 500 mm.
  • Power type: 48 V.
  • Cleaning time: 5-8 hours.
  • Water tank capacity: 200 L.
  • Waste hopper capacity: 1000 L.
  • Side brush diameter: 700 mm.
  • Driving power: 5500 W.
  • Vacuum power: 5000 W.
  • Operation power: 700+5000+150*4+100*2+2200+1500 W.
  • Turning radius: 4500 mm.
  • Working speed: 10 km/h.
  • Driving speed: 25 km/h.
  • Filter area: 24 m2.
  • Net weight: 2030 kg.
  • Dimension: 4200 x 2350 x 2150 mm.
  • Wheelbase: 1900 mm.
  • Tread: 1400 mm.