Belt Conveyor Parts

conveyor belt malaysiaCEMAX SUIZ offers a range of belt conveyor parts in Malaysia for cement, steel, chemical, mining, and most manufacturing sectors, and for all the advanced industrial fields, which need materials to be conveyed.

Among the belt conveyor parts are specialized supplies and services of Conveyor Belt, Conveyor Safety Switches, Magnetic Devices, and Belt Cleaners.


Conveyor Belt

  • bucket elevator belt
  • pipe conveyor belt
  • sidewall conveyor belt
  • steel carcass belt
  • food processing belt (food grade, FDA approved)
  • belt installation
  • belt joining / belt splicing / splicing compound solutions
  • mechanical fasteners
  • identifying the different rolls of conveyor and elevator belts (equipped with RFID – Remote Frequency Identification Device technology)
  • automatic vulcanizing hydraulic press
  • C-press spot repair of rubber belts and edge reshaping
  • belt conveyor maintenance service contract

Conveyor Safety Switches

  • pull cord switch
  • belt sway switch
  • heavy duty limit switch
  • zero speed switch
  • belt loading switch
  • belt snap switch

Magnetic Devices

  • magnetic detector
  • lifting magnet
  • magnetic separator
  • metal detector

Belt Cleaners

  • primary cleaner
  • secondary cleaner