Diesel Automotive Fuel Additives

fuel additives for dieselDi-Methyl Poly Siloxane Diesel Automotive Fuel Additives with Nassence oxygen was a formula originally invented in 1989 in the Republic of Korea and was patented under Patent No.28930.

Now, this amazing organic and silicone based fuel additives is commercially available in Malaysia and global markets.

8 benefits of DMPS fuel additives for diesel automotive

  1. 100% organic and silicon based.
  2. Blend with fuel molecules.
  3. Increase oxygen.
  4. Improve combustion efficiency by enhancing fuel quality.
  5. Reduce maintenance.
  6. Protect engine.
  7. No harmful side effects to engine.

7 miracles of SUMBU DMPS fuel additives for diesel engines

  1. Increase fuel efficiency, lead to saving of 18%.
  2. Increase the life span of engine, avoid unscheduled breakdown and lead to low maintenance cost.
  3. Increase power of the engine.
  4. Reduce noise of the engine.
  5. Reduce more than 50% of Carbon Monoxide, the toxic gas of all combustion, which promote Eco Friendly.
  6. Reduce more than 30% of smoke or Hydro Carbon, which also promote Eco Friendly.
  7. Reduce carbon residue and non-corrosive, i.e. with cleansing effects to eliminate sludge formation.


  • Diesel cars.
  • Cargo vans, and lorry trucks.
  • Buses.
  • Ships and boats.
  • Locomotives.

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