The CEMAX Group is a diversified group of SME companies, having headquarter in Malaysia, with diverse and global interests across various business sectors, such as industrial engineering, clean technology, industrial internet of things, B2B2C supply, branding outsourcing, education, etc..

We have expanded beyond Malaysian shores, and now with presence in the Asia Pacific region.

Our Vision

sme malaysiaThe CEMAX Group proves that vision together with determination, innovation and the ability to respond to challenges and opportunities present a powerful and compelling force resulting in growth and success in business.

TEAMWORK – a proud momentum that will continue to be the guiding principle for us into the future.

Today, we are built on the commitment of a staff force to a quality and professionalism. With the world as our market, we will continue to drive towards building a group of businesses that is viable, resilient, globally competitive, sustainable and scalable.

Our Growth Years as SME Malaysia

growthBuilding upon the strength of the team. Founded in 2004, the CEMAX Group proudly shares our birth with the 21st century of SME Malaysia. From a humble beginning as a machinery trading company, we embark on our entrepreneurial journey in tandem with the industrialisation and rapid economic growth of SME Malaysia.

With an unwavering commitment to values of quality, honour and integrity, and an ability to identify respond to the industrialisation needs of the nation, we saw the significant growth in our early years.

With our spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, we aim to become the strongest driving force behind our growth.

Who We Are Today

todayThe CEMAX Group today have clients in major markets and countries.

Today, our operation span with core businesses in a diverse range of industries.

With a strong team and the dynamism to embrace up-to-date technology, professional management structure, system and methodology of global standard, we are poised to take on the challenges of global business in the 21st century.

Together, we play a role in promising the futures of the industries. We do this by inspiring vibrant idea, nurturing potential, pioneering partnership and delivering excellence, the rewards of which contribute to the progress and well-being of all our team-mates.

Our Values

valueThe CEMAX Group firmly believes that our core values form our foundation and framework. Our values build our character; those are the binding cord that holds the people together, the driving force towards the successful accomplishment of our Vision.

In 2008, we unveiled our new brand which is aimed at amplifying our position at home and organising ourselves for greater expansion. We now focus on building on the strengths of our core businesses as well as enhancing those strength to further tap international opportunities.

The new CEMAX is built on the foundation of four core beliefs in being:

  • QUALITY in consistency goods and services at affordable price.
  • INNOVATIVE in energetic and open-minded approach to new and bold ideas that inspire fresh solutions for our partners, businesses and industries.
  • HONOURABLE in continual efforts in building trusted relationships and behaving with the utmost integrity, resulting in quality products and services that stand the time.
  • PROGRESS in commitment to our customers, partners, employees as well as the community at large, and to preserve and strive for excellence in all our undertakings.

“MOVING FORWARD” is our new rallying call which is about working together to eliminate barriers and achieve new heights. It is also about our Values – Quality, Innovative, Honourable and Progress, which are the underlying principles in everything.

Our Companies


Science, Technology, Engineering

B2B2C Supply

Branding Outsourcing



Our Core Activities

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