Clinker cooler upgrade promise big savings

clinker coolerConverting existing grate coolers to Claudius Peters’ ETA Clinker Cooler technology, utilizing much of the existing equipment, can mean savings of €1m annually.

The benefits of Claudius Peters ETA Cooler over conventional grate coolers – elimination of “red river”, improved thermal efficiency and lower fuel costs – are well known.

Now the ETA Lane Unit system can be retro-fitted to existing grate coolers, utilizing much of the existing equipment, providing significant operating savings with modest capital expenditure and minimum down time to install.

The ETA Lane Unit system can potentially fit into any grate cooler – including coolers not manufactured by Claudius Peters.

To find out how the ETA Lane Unit system can benefit your business, Claudius Peters will carry out a free initial appraisal of any existing grate cooler, produce a yearly savings estimate and a ball park proposal to upgrade.

Contact us today to request your free initial appraisal.

About Claudius Peters and clinker cooler

With over 650 Claudius Peters clinker coolers commissioned around the world, Claudius Peters’ reputation speaks for itself. We were there at the very beginning of the modern cement industry with the first 500 tonnes per day grate coolers.Today, over 60 years later, Claudius Peters continues to innovate and evolve with cooler capacities up to 13,000 tonnes per day. No-one knows clinker cooling better.