fuel saving
Why my car is using a lot of petrol?

Fuel saving best practices

Looking for a fuel saving car?

Keeping your Petrol at optimum consumption level is much better for your pocket and also for our environment.

Little things which we can take note on a regular basis.

1. Workshop

  • Find experienced mechanic to be in safe hands to handle your car.
  • Find workshop with the latest service bay tools and technology.

2. Maintenance

  • Keep good shape with regular tune up and check the on-board computer.
  • Check air-condition, spark plug, timing belt, hose and filter.
  • Inspect air filter more frequently if drove on dirty roads or lot of stop-and-go driving.
  • Use car manufacturer’s recommended engine oil.

3. Gas station

  • Fill up with your vehicle’s recommended fuel type.
  • Top-up fuel tank with needed fuel only to avoid having a full tank on excess weight.
  • Inflate tyres to the correct pressure.
  • Use fuel additive for petrol engine.

4. Driving habits

  • Drive on freeway at 80-90km/h.
  • Apply accelerator and brake moderately.
  • Drive manual car on the lowest RPM gear.
  • Do not coast or roll downhill out of gear.
  • Use engine stop-start or put on neutral gear instead of keeping foot on the clutch when stop at traffic lights.
  • Avoid idling. Turn off engine if not moving as warm-up is not necessary for fuel-injected cars.

5. Good practices

  • Plan ahead to avoid rush hour.
  • Remove excess weight (especially on smaller or lighter cars) such as roof rack, sports equipment, toys, rubbish.
  • Open windows at low speeds, and turn on air-condition on the motorway.
  • Take advantage of vouchers and cashback credit cards.
  • Carpool.
  • Note down your fuel consumption.