Hot kiln alignment, kiln inspection and adjustment

hot kiln alignmentHot kiln alignment is the most specialized field in measurement and analyse of rotary kiln deformation.

From the beginning of its existence, Geoservex of Poland is developing, implementing and realizing unusual and highly precise geodetic measurements. The most specialized field of the activity are measurements and analyses of rotary machine deformations (patents, national and foreign publications) and measurements of ground displacements of industrial structures, constructions and equipment. The engineers of the company have developed many new technologies, devices and software that have been rewarded with scientific, industrial and business awards. The original achievements are methods of measuring and aligning machines during their operation, hot kiln alignments, which is an achievement often quoted in professional technical literature in many countries.

Rotary Kiln Alignment Methods

rotary kiln alignmentIn discussion of rotary kiln alignment methods, the most contemporary laser, code and computer devices have been utilized in a creative way – automating measurements and calculations. The analyses are not limited to presentation of results but they also provide data and guidelines for aligning and supervising machine repairs.

The hot kiln alignment method and equipment are the subject of technology transfer among others to India and Arab countries, and training and consulting in this respect is managed among others in South Korea, USA, Canada, Turkey and other countries.

Measurement of geometry and deformation of machines and equipment

geoservexGeoservex can provide measurement methods of:

  • geometric supervision of assemblies, renovations of machines and equipment.
  • power turbines
  • drive systems
  • paper machines.

Measurements in construction and structure

geoservex malaysiaGeoservex is also providing services for measurement of ground displacement of industrial structure, construction and equipment, such as:

  • dams, bridges
  • power station
  • industrial facilities
  • mines
  • chimneys
  • masts
  • overhead travelling cranes.

Geometric investment support

kiln alignmentGeoservex can also provide geometric investment support for:

  • building industrial facilities
  • assembly of technological lines
  • building highways and bridges
  • building shopping centres
  • unusual geodetic measurements