Bulk solids inventory reporting 

The optimal solution for the difficult task of inventory management and financial reporting of bulk solids products in storage containers, has arrived.

Opening and closing stock measurements are integral requirement for accurate financial reporting and continuous inventory levels are required for cost-effective stock management. Consequently, accurate volume measurement is of great importance. However, due to their irregular and uneven surfaces, measuring the volume of bulk solids is extremely difficult.

The 3DLevelScanner 3D solids scanner series is the gold standard in precise volume measurement, resulting in proper inventory data allows and the flow on effects of reliable reporting and forecasting, and reduced stock holding costs.

Volume is king

Accurate solids measurement is a difficult operation predominantly because of the perpetual unevenness of the surface within the storage container. Therefore, single-point level measurements in a vessel less than useful as they do not account for the variations are typically in accurate with a traditional variance of 10-15 percent when calculating the volume.

Technological advances have meant that single-point level measurement is now a thing of the past, replaced with continuous online volume measurement. The new technology clearly displays the undulating surface of the material within containers.

When utilized with 3D solids scanners, continuous measurement provides accurate material measurement irrespective of evenness of surface or storage sterility. Inputting the data generated with the fixed container dimensions results in an accurate calculation of product volume, with the resultant figures used as the inventory value for financial reports.

3DLevelScanner 3D solids scanners series

3DLevelScannerV non-contact 3D solids scanners:

  • Highly accurate level/volume readings.
  • Generates average/minimum/maximum level/distance measurements.
  • Appropriate for vessels up to 40 ft. (12 m) in diameter.

3DLevelScanner non-contact 3D solids scanners

  • Highly accurate level/volume readings.
  • Generates average/minimum/maximum level/distance measurements.
  • Monitors inventory in large vessels.
  • Multiple scanners enable measurement of unlimited vessel diameter.
  • 3D visualization of stored contents sent to a remote computer.

How 3D solids scanners work

The3DLevelScannerV and 3DLevelScannerS incorporate unique dust and vapor-penetrating technology to deliver unerringly accurate volumetric measurement of bulk solids and powders, enabling unparalleled process measurement and inventory control, irrespective of material type, product characteristics, storage type and size, or harshness of the environment.