• In-house Nurse – Appoint a resident nurse in the hotel.
  • Nearest Hospital – Identify the nearest hospital, which also provides training to all employees. In addition, they are on standby to accept any employee or guest checking in with a temperature of over 37.5 °C.
  • Education of Employees – All employees should have official information about the virus and ways that the risks can be minimized. Each department will then train separately related to their areas.
  • Temperature checks for all employees twice daily.
  • Temperature checks of all suppliers visiting the hotel.
  • Housekeeping Attention – All rooms undergo additional sanitization and extra care taken if any rooms have signs of guests with temperature over 37.5 °C. Their linen and trash shall be removed and kept separate from other rooms.

Front Office

  • Temperature checks for all guests at check-in.
  • All guests must provide a travel history of countries visited in the last 14 days.
  • Hand sanitizer is presented to guests, in the limousine and on arrival at the hotel. Guests are invited to sanitize hands.
  • Any guest with a temperature over 37.5 °C is escorted by hotel transportation to the nearest hospital for checking.
  • Employees may wear face masks if they wish and free face masks are available if any guests would like to wear them.

Public Areas & Restaurants

  • All surfaces at reception, elevators, toilets, gym, limousine, etc are disinfected every hour.
  • All walk-in guests visiting restaurants and attending events will be temperature checked. Once the guests are already in the hotel they will not be checked each day but will be encouraged to contact employees if their health condition changes.
  • Hand sanitizer is presented to walk-in guests on arrival to restaurants and events. And invited to clean hands.
  • Any guest with a temperature of over 37.5 °C would be escorted by hotel transportation to the nearest hospital for checking.
  • Cutlery will be set up on the tables of restaurants only after the guests sit down.


  • Sanitize treatment room thoroughly with approved disinfectant after finish each treatment.
  • Therapists and receptionists use hand sanitizer before and after each treatment.
  • Temperature checks of all guests using spa and guests with a fever over 37.5 °C will be denied treatment.

Contingency Plan

The hotel should have a simulation training for the rare possibility of a case of CoronaVirus occurring in the hotel which includes,
  • Sealing of the guest room for deep clean and sanitization of the room and check by the Department of Health.
  • Security camera checks to identify all possible close contact between employees and guests.
  • Any employee that is revealed to have any close contact, including Housekeeping Department will be home quarantined immediately for 14 days.

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