Diesel engine organic fuel additive

diesel engine

Diesel engine, boiler and generator are the heart for the champions of the manufacturing industry.

Which is your biggest headache:

(1) Increase of fuel price due to global oil market?

(2) Increase of cost for maintenance?

Discover how CEMAX SUMBU Organic Fuel Additive assured to give you good result for both of your worries, and you need not worry about the damage or side effect to your engine.

DMPS Fuel Additive consist of Di-Methyl Poly Siloxane with Nassence oxygen. This is an organic and silicon based innovative product, whereby the formula was originally invented and patented in the year 1989.

Now, this amazing product is commercially available in Malaysia and also for the global markets.

The 7 benefits of SUMBU

  1. 100% organic and silicon based.
  2. Blend with fuel molecules.
  3. Increase oxygen.
  4. Improve combustion efficiency by enhancing fuel quality.
  5. Reduce maintenance of engine.
  6. Protect engine.
  7. No harmful side effects to engine.

The 7 miracles for diesel engine

  1. Fuel Saver – Increase fuel efficiency, lead to saving up to 16%.
  2. Fuel Cleaner – Increase the life span of engine, avoiding un-scheduled breakdown and leading to low maintenance cost.
  3. Increase power of the engine.
  4. Reduce the noise of the engine.
  5. Reduce more than 50% of carbon monoxide -> ECO FRIENDLY.
  6. Reduce more than 30% of smoke / hydro carbon -> ECO FRIENDLY.
  7. Reduce carbon residue and non-corrosive, i.e. with cleansing effect to eliminate sludge formation.


Suitable for engines which use gasoline, petrol, diesel, bio-diesel, bunker fuel, light fuel oil, recycle fuel oil, tyre derived oil, or any industrial oil:

  • Generator.
  • Industrial boiler.
  • Ship and boat.
  • Bus and truck.