Advantages of ELKON Mobile Master-60 Bear Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

mobile concrete batching

Mobile Master-60 Series Mobile Concrete Batching Plant equipped with these advantages:

  • Completely mobile solution with 36 tons of integrated cement silo.
  • All components can be transported with a truck trailer (including built-in cement silo, aggregate bins, walkways, parapets, etc.).
  • Less installation area requirement (footprint 4.2m x 17.5m).
  • Short and easy installation start-up (1 day to start concrete production).
  • Less foundation cost (80% less than stationary concrete batching plants).
  • No requirements for local authorizations for the installation.
  • Less maintenance, operation and transportation costs.

mobile concrete batching plant

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant, 50 m³/h

This is the most preferred model of the ELKON Mobile Master Series in terms of capacity. In addition to the different mixer types such as 1500/1000 l. pan, planetary or twin shaft mixer, the integrated build-in 36 tonnes cement silo is also available upon request to reach the highest mobility. The production capacity of the ELKON Mobile Master-60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is 50 m³/h vibrated concrete.

ELKON Mobile Master-60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is designed on a mono-block chassis on which all the components take place can be transported by towing with its axle and tires. It provides the following advantages to its users:

  • Quick and easy installation (only 1 day).
  • Cost-effective transportation (the main unit can be transported by one truck trailer).
  • Maximum mobility with 36 tons capacity integrated cement silo (only for Bear model).
  • Due to the special design, it can be installed in a confined space.
  • Quick and easy job site relocation.
  • Low foundation cost (installation is on a flat concrete surface).
  • Minimizes the concrete transportation cost and environmental impact as well.
  • Easy maintenance and low operating cost.
  • High production performance with optimized automation system


Capacity: 50 m3/h
The Capacity of Aggregate Silo: 4 x 13.5 m3
The Capacity of Aggregate Weigh Hopper: 2500 kg
Loading Type of Aggregate to the Mixer: Transfer Conveyor
Mixer Capacity: 1500 / 1000 l
Mixer Type: Pan / Planetary / Twin Shaft
Cement Weighing Capacity: 600 kg
Water Weighing Capacity: 300 kg
Additive Weighing Capacity: 2 x 25 l
Control System: SIEMENS or ABB (PLC – PC)
Operator Cabinet: Included (Built-in)
Cement Screw Diameter: Ø 220 mm
Compressor: Included


After realizing the growing need for mobility and flexibility day by day in the concrete and construction sector, ELKON has designed and produced the first mobile concrete batching plant in Turkey 20 years ago. Until now, from Canada to Germany, from England to South Africa, more than 700 units of ELKON mobile concrete batching plants were installed in more than 100 countries carry on concrete production in important projects.

The main unit of ELKON Mobile Concrete Batching Plants is designed on a mono-block chassis which is equipped with axle and tires and therefore the main unit can be transported by one truck trailer.

ELKON offers the widest possible range of products, in order to meet the different requirements of clients in different geographic areas, provides 3 different options for the users of the 50 m3/h capacity mobile concrete batching plant:

  • ELKON Mobile Master-60 PEGASUS Mobile Concrete Batching Plant equipped with 1500/1000 l. pan mixer.
  • ELKON Mobile Master-60 PANTHERA Mobile Concrete Batching Plant equipped with 1500/1000 l. twin shaft mixer.
  • ELKON Mobile Master-60 BEAR Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is equipped with 1500/1000 l. Pan Mixer and 36 ton integrated cement silo. All components of the mobile plant can be pulled and transported by only one truck trailer.

4 different types of aggregates can be stored in the aggregate bin and the aggregate feeding can be done either by concrete ramp or optional automated aggregate feeding system (eliminates concrete ramp requirement).

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