MillMaster Predictive Control of Grinding Facilities

Is your grind­ing pro­cess ef­fi­cient enough?
MILLMASTER gets the most out of it and raises the out­put by a guar­an­teed 5%.

Over 100 installations, worldwide in operation: Cemex, Dyckerhoff, Gulf Cement, HeidelbergCement, LafargeHolcim, Superbeton, and many more.

Benefits at a glance

   – more energy efficiency
– increase in production
   – improved product fineness
   – less wear
   – higher facility availability
   – reduced maintenance costs

Predictive control of grinding facilities

MillMaster con­trols closed grind­ing cir­cuits — ful­ly au­to­mat­ed. If re­quired, with­out op­er­a­tor. One sys­tem is able to op­er­ate up to four mills at the same time, thus in­creas­ing your fa­cil­i­ty’s avail­abil­i­ty by pre­vent­ing over­fill­ing and sim­i­lar fail­ures.

The con­se­quent con­stant and op­ti­mal fill lev­el en­sures smooth and sta­ble op­er­a­tion, lead­ing to sig­nif­i­cant­ly less wear and a more ho­mog­e­nous pro­duct. Ad­di­tion­al­ly, the out­put in­creas­es and the pow­er con­sump­tion drops.

MillMaster can be in­te­grat­ed into ev­ery au­to­ma­tion sys­tem—it issim­ply plugged in via a stan­dard OPC in­ter­face. With your pre­vi­ous con­trol sys­tem on stand­by you can switch to it at any time.

The new “auto adap­tive” mech­a­nism au­to­mat­i­cal­ly and in­de­pen­dent­ly de­ter­mines and ad­justs the ideal fill­ing lev­el to al­ways en­sure op­ti­mal mill op­er­a­tion.

The mod­u­lar con­cept al­lows you to choose the func­tions you need. MillMaster of­fers mod­ules for the con­trol groups on the right.

If de­sired—thanks to our flex­i­ble sys­tem—ad­di­tion­al mod­ules can be de­vel­oped and eas­i­ly in­te­grat­ed at any time.


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