puspakomWhen is your next 6 months Routine Inspection with PUSPAKOM?

It’s best to top up with¬†SUMBU, a new generation fuel additive to reduce the Carbon Monoxide and¬†Hydrocarbon (Smoke).

Recommended Dosage

Fill in 100ml of SUMBU for every 300L of Diesel.

Standard Operating Procedure

  1. Use SUMBU only after changing the fuel filter. (SUMBU will cleanse the engine and the dirty particles. Carbon emission and sludge will be flushed out eventually. And IF the fuel filter is not changed, the dirty emission cannot flush out and the fuel pump will sure to give way.)
  2. Drive for at least 2 hours before seeing the results on the smoke problems and smooth driving experience.

Routine inspection

It is a mandatory requirement for all commercial vehicles to undergo a Routine Inspection at PUSPAKOM every 6 months, in order to certify compliance to the Road Transport Act 1987. During this inspection, the legality and roadworthiness of the vehicle will be checked.

Please bring along these documents for inspection:

  • Vehicle’s Registration Card (Original).
  • Carrier license from Ministry of Tourism / SPAD / Driving School Permit.
  • Latest TR2 – Taxi Meter Report for a taxi with a taxi meter only.
  • Latest VR1 Report.
  • Latest Inspection Certificate (DISC).
  • JPJ Summon / Compound Receipt / PG3 / Approval letter from JPJ (If a vehicle fails to attend inspection on the appointment date).
  • JKKP Certificate for Machinery Vehicle only.