cemax silo managementCEMAX Silo Management is an international business unit of The CEMAX Group. It is performing the duty of marketing arm and service provider for dry and liquid storage management. The goal is to assist our international clients to ensure the maximum availability and reliability of their storage system throughout its entire lifetime.

CEMAX Silo Management’s Activities

business-activitiesStorage system is as important as any supporting equipment in the material handling solutions. Maintenance and upkeep can assure better material flow and to prolong the life of the asset.

Due to our extensive experiences with various types and contents of storage systems, we have concluded that – preventive maintenance program is vital to fault-free operation.

We are the pioneer service provider, who provide value-added component supplies, technical services, contract services and engineering services for storage management.

From cleaning service to facility management. From supplying, commissioning, training and on-site maintenance of component, we offer everything it takes to operate and maintain a profitable storage system.

CEMAX Silo Management’s Business Models

silomann-0CEMAX are working based on the business models of “One-Silo-Solution“, which offer the convenient to multiple solutions, under the brandname – SILOMANN:

CONTRACT SERVICES – Silo Cleaning (non human entry pneumatic and mechanical system), Vacuum Housekeeping

DISCHARGE FLOW AID – Acoustic Horn, Air Blaster, Bin Discharger

BLOCKAGE CLEARING AID – Air Whip, CO2 Blaster (cardox), Hydraulic Whip

ENVIRONMENTAL CARE – Air Vacuum, Dust Suppression Fighter, Dust Suppression Hopper

MEASUREMENT CONTROL – 3D Volume Scanner, Load Cell, PLC System

CIVIL CONTRACTING – Boring, Coating and Painting, Concrete Repair and Waterproofing

SAFETY SERVICES – Rope Access, Scaffolding, Safety Officer

CONFINED SPACE PERSONNEL – Entry Supervisor, Authorized Entry & Standby Person (AESP), Authorized Gas Tester & Entry Supervisor (AGTES)

AFTER SALES – Supply of Accessories, Air Slide Service, Bag Filter service

EPC, O&M, MRO – Technology, Material Handling, Operation and Maintenance



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