Mini Electric Road Sweeper E8006

E8006, a 3 in 1 mini electric road sweeper, which combines the function of vacuum, sweeping and water spraying, for your every day housekeeping and cleaning works.

It is suitable to be applied for any type of outdoor cleaning of commercial and industrial areas such as, recreation park, sanitation cleaning, community square, shopping plaza, university, hotel, small and medium size production factory.

It is also very helpful as a utility machine for housekeeping cleaning company, property management company, parking management company and golf course.


  • Increase the chassis design, flat filter, built in powerful dust control systems, more powerful vacuum cleaner, sweeping width up to 1900mm.
  • The use of advanced high performance maintenance free battery, no leaking and no harmful gases.
  • Internationally advanced technology of cleaning and suction system, the theoretical utilization of dust bin is nearly 100%.
  • Reliable high quality components reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Technical specification

  • Sweeping path: 1900 mm.
  • Productivity: 15000 m2/h.
  • Max climbing capacity: 25%.
  • Main brush length: 800 mm.
  • Power type: 48 V.
  • Cleaning time: 6-8 hours.
  • Water tank capacity: 50 L.
  • Waste hopper capacity: 180 L.
  • Side brush diameter: 500 mm.
  • Driving power: 2000 W.
  • Operation power: 700+400+100*4+50 W.
  • Turning radius: 1200 mm.
  • Working speed: 7 km/h.
  • Driving speed: 9.8 km/h.
  • Filter area: 5 m2.
  • Net weight: 780 kg.
  • Dimension: 2150 x 1900 x 2040 mm.


  • Outdoor cleaning area
  • Recreational park
  • Sanitation cleaning
  • Community square
  • Shopping plaza
  • University
  • Hotel
  • Small and medium size production factory
  • Housekeeping cleaning company
  • Property management company
  • Parking management company
  • Golf course