Geoservex, the global provider of hot kiln alignment services, has been assumed by the next generation of the Krystowczyk family. Zbigniew Krystowczyk, who has held the position of managing director of many years, has acquired all shares and has reorganised the company.

Currently, Geoservex is not only continuously working with its existing clients across 64 countries, but has also entered the Chinese market and is expanding there.

The company has already provided test services for CNBM and Conch Cement through its local branch. The negotiations for a maintenance service contract with a possible technology transfer are ongoing. Such cooperation has previously been undertaken in Russia and India.

The unique technologies of hot kiln alignment at operating conditions, drawn up in the company Geoservex, are also the subject of technology transfer and export of dedicated equipment, software and training.

Sale of Technology

Their achievements in this respect are known worldwide from numerous publications and relationships established during the realization of export contracts.

They have realized a contract for:

  • transfer of hot kiln alignment technology
  • supply of measurement and laser equipment for this technology
  • supply of computers and software
  • training

The hot kiln alignment technology transfer is made through specialized training and demonstrations which the company Geoservex has granted for a fee to many manufacturers of building and chemical materials in the United States of America, Turkey, South Korea and Libya.

The issue of selling technology and specialized training in measuring and aligning the geometry of machines, and geometric support for their renovations, is treated in the company as a priority that needs to be developed.