Mix Master-30 mobile concrete batching plant maximize the mobility, minimize the cost

mobile concrete batching plantTwo units of Mix Master-30 mobile concrete batching plant were supplied to a Belgian contractor with Malian partner in the frame work of the infrastructure projects, which is carried out in Republic of Mali.

As client’s requirement’s like frequent relocation, concrete production in a short period of time, high mobility and quick start up period within one-hour were met with Mix Master-30 mobile concrete batching plant, ELKON became the first choice of the customer with its innovative solution.

elkon-mobile-3elkon-mobile-2Mix Master-30 is a fully mobile concrete batching plant designed to provide solutions to specific requirements even in very small projects.

All equipment, including aggregate storage bins, pan mixer, cement, water and additive weighing hoppers are installed on a trailer equipped with axle and tires. And all required equipment to produce concrete such as Mix Master-30 and Bag Cement Feeding System can be fitted into 1 unit 40’ OT Container or 1 unit normal truck only.

Mix Master-30 will be ready for concrete production within 1 hour and crane is not required for installation. It is possible to produce concrete at different job sites at the same day with its mobility features. Moreover, there is no need for any special foundation for installation, only a flat hard soil is adequate.

Great advantages of Mix Master-30 mobile concrete batching plant


  • Easy and economical transport (1 unit 40 foot OT container).
  • Maximum mobility.
  • Quick installation and startup (1 hour).
  • No crane requirement for the installation.
  • Towed easily with integrated hood and axle with tires.
  • Computerized control system with SIEMENS PLC and SIEMENS Touch Operated Panel.
  • Simple and reliable operation.
  • High quality and precise concrete production.